Deploys AMD Epyc Servers


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Mar 3, 2018
1,713 has joined Oracle, Amazon, and a growing list of other companies that deploy AMD's EPYC server processors. Mirroring the lineups from other companies,'s new "bare-metal" EPYC instances claim to offer higher core counts, better I/O, and memory bandwidth for less money than similar offerings, and the 7401P and 7281-based offerings listed right now seem to back up those claims. While these new adopters all use AMD's first-generation EPYC processors, their future Rome CPUs are socket compatible with first-gen motherboards, which makes these inroads especially important for the chip company.

"Thanks to AMD EPYC processors, we are able to offer our customers a new bare-metal server lineup designed for intensive and large-scale workloads at the best performance-price ratio. This new server generation provides the best balance of CPU, memory and storage on pure metal servers guaranteeing predictable and constant performance,” said Édouard Bonlieu, vice president for marketing strategy at"