One of my latest art pieces


Jan 2, 2019

Let me know what you think
I'm assuming that it's a photo that's been duplicated and then placed through a "glitch" program (or the glitch program itself created the horizontal duplication). It doesn't really do it for me either.

The oval cutout and the face being "revealed" on the left also kind of breaks a lot for me. The oval itself feels really forced and doesn't fit the feel of digital distortion. So then it's obvious that it must be artistic intent, but it in that sense feels devoid of any real meaning.
The image because of its use of color and removal of identifying features in the subject(s) feels really gloomy. But then his face is revealed to be smiling on the left doesn't fit with that feeling.
The pink as the only non-greyscale color, also contrasts the gloomy feeling by quite a bit as well. It seems like it "could be" a face in the middle or like a smattering cherry blossoms (owing mostly to the color and the petal like shapes on the right), but it doesn't really make me evoke anything either.

To cut to the chase, or perhaps be a bit cruel, I feel like you sort of just "did a bunch of stuff". Or experimented around, which is fine. But I don't feel like there was intention or intentionality from the beginning. So it basically feels a bit like a directionless mess.