Old supermicro board question


Aug 21, 2007
Hello, I'm currently playing around with an old Supermicro X8DTi-F mb, it currently has dual X5675 Xeons, 192 GB RAM and an EVGA nVidia 3050 videocard. Does anyone know if it fully supports video PCIE passthrough using Hyper-V or have tried it (I've read the particular chipset it uses may have issues)? Does modifying an 8x slot to fit in a 16x card still work with modern cards like a 2060 or 1650? I do have VT-d enabled and it boots up fine with Windows 10, hyper-v works great so far too. Thanks for any suggestions!
Not exactly the same model but xenium or someone in the mining forum was able to dremel out the ends PCIE slots to get them to work on the x8dte model, which is very similar.
Hah! I thought I was the only person using an old ass system like this for gaming!
Ive done gpus passthrough with esxi on a x8dte and it had no issues. You can cut off the end of the pcie slot or use a riser and can run gpus in the x8 lanes. I think lhr cannot be used under passthrough (or on a x8 lane) and honestly amd cards have been far more stable for me if you are planning on getting another card.