Old-member nostalgia Check In - I miss the [H] community

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Sep 11, 2000
Just an old crusty guy from way back checking in. I miss getting my hardware news from [H]. This place allowed me to cut my teeth as a young geek and learn things I never could have otherwise.

There is no general forum anymore so delete if against the rules. This sub seems to fit what I remember most. I just wanted to interact with the community again, get some good hits of nostalgia in these depressing times.

who remembers Lantec?
you would want genmay and did you just get out of the pokey?
holy shit genmay. that was probably the beginning of my exposure to the weirdness of the internet.

not out of the pokey. perhaps relating to what one might call a mid-life crisis I am trying to reidentify with the things that I actually enjoy and that fuel me. Life kind gets the best of you (or it did me to an extent) and you end up just going through the motions. This was the place I engaged all my passions and found new ones so I figured it made sense to visit, hang out a read and hopefully feel some of that again.
This guy definitely remembers Lantec. I definitely remember your uid. I feel like lantec is one of the first things I ever remember being even close to "viral" or a "meme" in any community I was a part of back then. you didnt really have the backstory and the depth in the IRC format.

so the real question is... is there an archive of [H]forum?
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In your hearts and minds there is :) I remember the old threads when the Athlon 64 was stomping.
yeah, I still have my a64 cpu somewhere. At one point it had a makeshift peltier on it. Who would have ever thought modding computers would have turned into an entire industry.

I think for at least a small time I held a record overclock. celeron 600@1100 100% benchmark stable and @1200 windows stable enough to cpuid screenshot. Man those were the days.
Nice!! I recently just got back as well. Had to recover my account.
Start a "new member" thread and ask for the hotdogs.
I sorta tried that when I came back. Posted a noob/I'm back thread in Genmay but... no hotdogs. Granted I was gone for a while but I haven't seen the hotdog in years. Not sure it's really still a thing.

Nice!! I recently just got back as well. Had to recover my account.
Welcome back! I took a hiatus myself. But I seem to be getting back to the old ways. Went a little nuts on a new rig a year ago, got some SFP+ NICs, transceivers, and MMF patch cables coming in on Friday, etc.
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