[Old Dell Laptop] E6230 BT 380 module and Intel AC 7260... Can they co exist?


Limp Gawd
Dec 27, 2004
I have read on multiple sites that a single laptop can not have multiple BT radios in the same device. Is this really true? I did a startup from a winter pause, some windows updates came around, then suddenly the intel BT just had a yellow exclamation with a Code 31. Unplugged each one and test, each work on their own...great, when both plugged in...the "last" one in had the Code 31.

Is this a driver thing or actually bus hardware issue?

Not sure what to make of it......when I installed the 7260... I KNOW there were no issues in device manager (Win10 x64). New updates....problem.

Anyone have any possible insight what could be going on here?