Official Dell u2413 Thread

Is anybody here that calibrated the monitor with the xrite for photography and would like to share the color profile file ? I can't find anyone with that calibrator so i can calibrate mine and the calibrator is quite expensive here.

Thank you alot !
Isn't the point with calibration is that every monitor is different and that each monitor will give a different profile...!?
Just got this monitor, i was debating between eizo cs240 or this...i just cant afford eizo cs240. Plus cs240 got high frequency pwm. I know dell u2413 only has it when brightness below 20%...

Anyway, it is very pleasant monitor at a glance, some backlight bleed at all the corners but the color is just delight coming from w-led backlight. The red and green just look so much better side by side with my older IPS with w-led. So far so good, not sure how this will hold up.

On a side note, i also have P2414H, weird monitor. I can see tiny grids. It has problem with some text. I dont see any problem with u2413 right now.
i bougt 2xdell u2413, and they are too bright for work(baclight bleeding) is there a way to set brigtness down with the calibration
ok.waiting for replacement..mine got problem..the brightness/contrast keeps changing if i doalt_tab from webpage to other program or games
the manual brigtness control dont do the job, the picture quality is low after puting brigtness on 35-37%(50% is default) , is this posible to solve with calibration device.
Is it a beter option to take a va panel and which one (this im going to sell)
ok.waiting for replacement..mine got problem..the brightness/contrast keeps changing if i doalt_tab from webpage to other program or games

Disable the factory-enabled "dynamic contrast" and everything else with funny names that messes up the displayed image. See;

My U3014 had that turned on too and I honestly have no clue why anybody would want that nonsense turned on.

It falls in the same category as "enhanced pointer precision" that actually messes up pointer precision or the automated sunshades in big buildings that go up and down every minute or only go down when it's clouded and go up when sunny...
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I recently acquired a new U2413 but I am having trouble with its color. I'm using it with a MacBook Pro, connected via displayport. Out the the box, I notice the monitor is very bright and there is significant difference in Red between my MBP LCD and the monitor's Standard Mode. I changed it to Game Mode and it is better but color is still kind of off.

I heard a lot of good reviews on the monitor but I also believe my MBP's LCD is calibrated. What did I do wrong? The Mac is detecting the monitor as U2413.
Ideally you use the CAL mode with your preferred color space and a i1 display pro.

Different color spaces can be a b*tch. If you don't need the fancyness with the larger color space you're better off with a U2415
I found another problem. When I connect the HDMI, the text looks really bad as if it has been over sharpened. I already adjusted the sharpness down to 0 but the text still look bad.

Edit: found the issue. When connected via HDMI, the Mac think it is some sort of TV and output in the Ypbpr format. (I believe) the monitor does not handle it properly and results in black crush.

The solution is to override the EDID such that Mac will output RGB:
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