Odyssey G7 Scanlines?

Aug 22, 2021
I bought a G7 about a year ago but I ended up returning it because of the scanlines that appeared on orange/blue. I’ve heard rumours that the new 1011 firmware fixes the issue, could anyone who has updated to the latest firmware confirm if this is true or not? Thanks.
LOL. I had 3 c32hg70 monitors in surround. 2 years in every single monitor had scanlines. Every. Single. Monitor. Confirmed by Samsung to be defective. $1800 for less than 2 years of gaming? Meanwhile my zr30w's lasted 7 for gaming before I moved on. And still have one above my AW38 chugging along as a second monitor.

There are serious issues with the Samsung gaming monitor line. And I can tell you for a fact. Samsung does NOT stand behind their product.
OK let me help you. Scanline issue is not a rare defect and it's not fixable via firmware update. It's inherent to their VA panel technology. People reporting fixed scalines etc having placebo effect. I've used every gen of Samsung VA. All of them have this issue. It's not a defect. It's how their monitor works. These Samsung monitors have the most misinformation on the internet. They suck. Don't let biased owners affect you.
To fix this, you need to run it at 144hz. Older one (chg70) needs to run at 1080p instead of native 1440p.