OCing BFG 6800 GT...

Apr 1, 2004
Well, i've had Nvidia in the past, GF4Ti4400, then went to 9800p, now the 6800, but does anyone know any good ocing utilites for the 6800's?? I know of riva tuner, but i don't want it to change settings, will it change any quality settings if i install it?? Anyone know of any other good and reliable oc utilites for NV cards?? I did oc my GF4, but it was a gainward so it came with Xpertool, and the Radeon came with an oc program too, so i'm new to finding 3rd party oc utilites, and i would like to know of some. Thank you for your time.

since the above post was so informative ( :rolleyes: ), take a look here. it should answer your question. :)