NZXT H440 Extended ATX full water cooling

Jun 4, 2008
Starting a new build.
Case NZXT H440
CPU 5820k
MB MSI Godlike Carbon x99
RAM 16gigs of Corsair LED DD4 3200
Video cards Dual 1070 GTX FTW EVGA
Cooling dual 360mm rads ( have a RX360 and AX360 but not going to fit)
XSPC D5 Photon 170
Fans Corsair ML120's x 7

Really like this case. Be my second build with it. Here is my first build with it. This will be my first water cooled build witht the case. So wish me luck on it lol. Not my first water cooling build though. Done several, one with a water chiller :)..

Started on the case today. Took out the drive bays to be able to fit a radiator in the front.


Got that done started some test fitting.

So the AX360 rad is not working to work in the top (now for sale). Going to have to get a different radiator for the top. Didn't think about the squareness of the AX not fitting in the top properly. Have to go with a thinner radiator in the top. RX fits fine, might have to lose the end fan in the top but shouldn't be a issue. More then enough cooling for a i7 7700k and dual 1070's. Going to make a braket for the XSPC Photon to mount to off of the motherboard tray.
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So finnaly got some work in on this thing this weekend. Still have a bit to go. Have to get blocks for the video card before I can finish it. Might be a few more weeks on that. Got the plate made and riveted in like it's factory. Really cutting it close on space in this case lol. Think I'm just barely going to pull this off. Had to go to a smaller rad in the front also. The RX was to thick to be able to fit the res and pump. Everything turned out well so far. Started bending some of the tubing for everything. Going to get it all as done as I can till the water blocks get here. Here are some pictures on some of my progress.




Got a bit done today, leak testing for the next few hours then might get to turn it on tonight. The copper showing on the GPU blocks is bugging me. Think I might take some black acrylic I have and cut some pieces to fit.