Nvidia SIGGRAPH 2018 Livestream Starts at 4 P.M. PT


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Apr 10, 2003
Nvidia is livestreaming CEO Jensen Huang's keynote speech today at 4 p.m. PT from the SIGGRAPH stage in Vancouver, Canada.

Here is a little slideshow that I made from the Nvidia SIGGRAPH 2018 livestream. Hope you like it!

"The Speed of Light" Porsche 911 Speedster Concept demo running in Unreal Engine.

Porsche, NVIDIA and Epic Games reveal "The Speed of Light," created with Unreal Engine 4 using real-time ray tracing and NVIDIA RTX technology at SIGGRAPH 2018.

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Waiting for the inevitable groans and cursing when their new wondercard doesn't perform much better than their existing ones...You KNOW that when they say "50% better than a 1080", they are cherry picking numbers...I will bet cash money it comes out just about 15% better than the 1080ti, and would bet more that they will try to sell it alongside the 1080ti for a higher price.
Anyone getting:

Video unavailable
This video has been removed for violating YouTube's Terms of Service.

Trying the ustream link,

Not working either, oh well.
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well so much for live stream. Shit is stuttering for me on a 1gig connectoin lol. Just ran a speed test thinking may be it was my connection. But nope.
I feel like he didn't practice this at all. He is losing words here and there and mumbling some words lol. Just get to the point rofl!
why would they launch a hundred thousand dollar super computer months ago to be replaced by one card. I'm calling BS.
hahahaha. Did they just release the quadro instead? No gaming?
That cooler reminds me of older geforce gtx no? I know they had one that look exactly like that a while back.
Nvidia quit gaming. THey are releasing Teslas and Quadros now! Hahaha. Looks like that wait for gaming GPUs continue. Will there be another surprise at the end?

Nvidia fans are about to revolt if he doesn't announce any gaming GPUs. Hahaha. I called it 2 years minimum due to no competition but Nvidia is topping that for sure at this point.
Jensen is usually kind of bleh at doing these presentations, but he seems really off his game today. This is a lot worse than he usually is.
Have Nvidia launch consumer GPU at Siggraph? I don't recall them ever made any consumer GPU announcement there.

That wasn't my point. My point was I bet alot of people were anxious to hear something about gaming cards. Now me move to Gamescon I guess. Waiting game continues.
Was watching but I got tired of hearing Jensen say "UMM". Demoing a picture of balls.
Bailing out. No new toys for us.

Not going to stick around for the potential meltdown of the interpolated price from the Quadro RTX price people with infallible logic* will do as they yank out their hair waiting got GeForce Cards?
I wonder how useful RTX will be in practice - 10Grays/sec is really fast, it means that an 8K scene with 10 bounces and 128 samples per pixel renders in seconds, not 10's of minutes. BUT, and it's a huge BUT, the scene will have to all fit in GPU memory for it to be fast - accelerating BVH lookups and intersection calculations only gets you so far if you have to go back to the CPU for lighting, material, and texture calculations. You can't split up the data either - secondary rays can go anywhere, and there would be a huge loss of performance if you had to go retrieve models from main memory every other secondary ray.

Being able to render Cornell boxes and teapots at high speed is cute, and certainly has positive implications for visualization and product design workflows, but the recent island data set from Disney shows that production rendering is done on really, really big datasets, not the <8GB stuff that hobbyists and small firms deal with. (The island requires over 100GB of memory to render, and it will be a long, long time before GPU's with 128GB of VRAM exist).
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