Nvidia rtx 3090 discussion

I wonder what performance gain will be in real testing. Shame that waterforce is not available its too soon.
I just got the NVidia email to make sure you know “We expect substantial demand, and we have limited supplies.” But try your luck at “September 24 at 6 a.m. Pacific Time”. Thanks jerks.

Must be nice to release hardware that is just fast enough to tell the difference from the fastest last gen and sell out for weeks. Isn’t the 3090 just like 8-12% faster than the 3080 and it’s twice the price?

I wish Intel and or AMD would get their act together and put an end to this.
The 3090 10% jump is at best, it ranges from 4% to ~10% based on that TecLabs review.

If the argument is that the 3090 should be more than 10% faster than a 3080 then I’m in full agreement. You just lose me when you start taking about $850-900 20GB 3080s and somehow paint them as inferior to anything Turing be it from a price, performance or value perspective. Turing was so bad from those perspectives that Ampere only looks bad when you compare a 3090 to a 3080.
Another meme making light of the Ampere driver issues and how people react vs AMD:
Was thinking about it but there's no way now.

With the difference in price between the 3080 and the 3090 I could snag a CX48/55 on Black Friday or Boxing Day or something and pay a good chunk of it. Or justify going up to 65. Or pay for a 3080 Super or whatever and pass down the 3080 to the lady. Or buy a sweet new 5900X (not that I need it)...

So many better possibilities to spend that grand.
For some reason, the nvidia store kept redirecting me to the GB locale. I had to manually change the URL from en-gb to en-US. Everything was sold out.

deja vu, another paper launch :\ hope you others had better luck. I can't believe how much of a crapshow these two launches have been 1 week earlier and one week later.
Another Shit release.

everything was oos before 901am est. I got a few in my cart at newegg and bestbuy only to be removed instantly. This is all before 901am mind you.
Based on the early review so far, at least it appears the 3090 FE cooler is doing a great job keeping the temps in check and the fan noise seems decent too. Of course, the card is huge...so more real estate to absorb and dissipate heat.
Best Buy had a few that you could add to cart, but it removed them before I could check out.
Yeah well those guys that paid scalpers that kind of money deserve it. Between EVGA having fan problems (it seems eVGA always has some issues), CTD because of aggressive OC by AIB and stutters in games b/c of shoddy drivers and lack of inventory, this release is shaping up to be one of NVIDIAs worst. It's funny and sad seeing it go from super hyped to deflated. This just goes to show we can't trust day one reviewers, none of them brought any of these issues to light. It was left to end users to be the guinea pigs as usual.
This. As I said before they should be ashamed.
Will Seasonic TX-750W PLUS TITANIUM PRIME will be fine with Eagle oc gigabyte 3090?
I chose next day shipping from EVGA, but considering how many times I ended up going through that last step I have no idea if it actually took.
I'll post impressions whenever it shows up. Mine will be paired with an OC'd 8700K, which I haven't really seen in any of the reviews anywhere. Most everyone is pairing it with the extreme top end or low end.
Screen caps of the GN review:

3090 Clocks, Thermals, Power Draw, and Acoustics

1 3090 Power Draw Content Creation.png 2 3090 Power Draw Gaming.png 3 3090 vs 3080 Thermals.png 4 3090 vs 3080 Thermals Fan Speed.png 5 3090 vs 3080 Fan Speed Manual.png 6 3090 vs 3080 Acoustics.png

3090 Gaming Benchmarks


3090 Horizon Zero Dawn 2160p.png


3090 RDR2 1080p.png 3090 RDR2 1440p.png 3090 RDR2 2160p.png


3090 TW Kingdoms 1080p.png 3090 TW Kingdoms 1440p.png 3090 TW Kingdoms 2160p.png


3090 Shadow Tomb Raider 1440p.png 3090 Shadow Tomb Raider 2160p.png


3090 Quake II RTX 1080p.png 3090 Quake II RTX 1440p.png 3090 Quake II RTX 2160p.png


3090 Control RTX DLSS 1440p.png
The FTW3 has add to cart but I get this error when I click add to cart, :(
I guess people forget the 20 series launch when they are upset and calling this the worst launch ever by Nvidia... 20 series cards were significantly more expensive, RTX was still mostly a demo and consumers didn't even have an non-beta release OS (Windows 10 1809 if memory serves...) that even supported the feature, let alone even a single game. Eventually this stuff came, but it really wasn't until well into 2019 when we had a hand full of games supporting the new RTX features...

Also, it was impossible to get one at lunch, pretty much like we are seeing here... I ordered my 2080 Ti FE in late October 2018 from Nvidia and got my card for MSRP, actually cheaper than any of the AIB options locally here in Canada. We'll see how quickly Nvidia manages to top up their supply in comparison, but it is a bit too early to know. Also keep in mind we weren't dealing with the shipping delays of COVID-19 and the current trade issues that have developed between the USA and China which is also affecting things in some way no doubt...

I can understand people's frustration over what is going on with supply and scalpers, but this has unfortunately become the norm. The scalpers will go away once they realize no one is interested and / or they have enough supply to satisfy how fast they can flip the cards... I hate it, but it is a temporary situation that will self resolve IMHO. It would be nice to see some additional effort by retailers to curb this, but it is pretty much a game of cat and mouse...

I will feel differently about all of this if Nvidia doesn't make good on their promise of keeping the supply coming. I am on the fence about buying because I kind of want to move my current system on to the living room for use with VR and do a refresh on my entire system...

Personally I feel what Intel has been doing with their top end CPUs is way worse than what I have seen Nvidia doing... But more time is needed to really say this I guess. They literally launched the 10900k, AKA technically the fastest CPU for gaming, even though that mostly doesn't matter at 4k res from the benchmark numbers that have been rolling in... These CPUs have been perpetually out of stock since they released in May... Over 4 months ago and you still can't buy one... So then they launched a 10850k to sub in with slightly reduced specs, but basically the same performance... Complete mess IMHO and there is no wonder that people are looking favorably at AMD since it seems they have been performing adequately for gaming and you can actually buy their hardware...

Personally as a 2080 Ti owner, I would have a hard time justifying an upgrade to a 3080 from everything I have seen so far. The 3090 numbers I have seen while not a lot higher than 3080 still in some cases seem to be enough that I could justify making that move. Like I said above... kind of on the fence and some of these decisions hinge on if I am going to finally do a complete system refresh or not. Hard to justify putting one of these monsters in my 6700k system at this point, so...
Or pay for a 3080 Super or whatever and pass down the 3080 to the lady.
It'll be interesting to see what happens with 3080 super / ti / whatever, because it doesn't seem like there's much room to squeeze it in under the 3090.
Nope. AIB's aren't allowed to market anything with Ti or Super suffixes just because they feel like it.
I'm not saying they will, I'm suggesting nvidia will release that model some months from now and aibs will follow.
I wouldn’t have guessed 3090 had less gains blocked than 3080, maybe other pcbs with extreme power mods will do better.

If I keep this card, I'll probably not even bother with a water block since this thing seems to be a massive slab of metal that keeps the 3090 FE nice and cool. I wonder if we'll start seeing it show it's teeth once newer games come out? Hmm..
If I keep this card, I'll probably not even bother with a water block since this thing seems to be a massive slab of metal that keeps the 3090 FE nice and cool. I wonder if we'll start seeing it show it's teeth once newer games come out? Hmm..
has that happened before? Other than with specifics like hair works and ray tracing?
If I keep this card, I'll probably not even bother with a water block since this thing seems to be a massive slab of metal that keeps the 3090 FE nice and cool. I wonder if we'll start seeing it show it's teeth once newer games come out? Hmm..

I doubt it...these are designed to throttle back and ramp up the fan speeds when a predefined threshold is reached. It won't matter if it's Q2 RTX or the next AAA RTX title.
If someone looks at this objectively it’s easy to see past NVIDIAs smoke and mirrors and realize what an absolute disaster Ampere has been for them. There is no 2080 Ti equivalent for Ampere nor will there be because we can clearly see (and NVIDIA admits) the 3090 doesn’t scale well with increased CUDA cores vs 3080 so a 3080 Ti would be pointless.

This left NVIDIA with a huge dilemma because they needed to create segmentation and maintain their high 60% margins, so how do they do this with a part that has underwhelming next generation performance?

Simple, a few things:

1. Market the 3080 against the 2080 calling it the biggest generational leap ever and then take a hit on margins by launching a tiny tiny handful of cards at $699, thus winning the hearts and minds of gamers and looking like the good guy.
2. Give the green light to AIB to create 20 gb variants and PRAY that AMD doesn’t spoil the party with a competitive part. If AMD doesn’t succeed, then use heavy marketing for the 20 gb variants and price them $150-200 more than 3080 10 gb and flood the market with them. Thus consumers will be hard pressed to find the cheaper $700 cards and will opt to buy the higher 60% margin 20 gb cards.
3. If AMD comes out with cards that have equal performance but more vram than 3080 10GB, flood the market with shills and talk about nvidia features and put a positive spin on it. Enlist streamers and tech tubers to get this job done.
4. Profit

When 3080 is pitted against the 2080 Ti with 1gb less vram and only 15-25% higher performance depending on resolution, you see what a huge failure Ampere really is because it’s performance gain is worse than Turing was vs Pascal. If 2080 Ti had been released with similar deceptive marketing at $700 but later pushed to $1000, nvidia would’ve been loved by all and Turing would be remembered as one of NVIDIAs best gpu releases.

Edit: Looks like Ampere is also suffering from some serious driver issues, enough that it's become a meme:
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I agree with 98% of what you said, but the 3080 is not a 2080Ti replacement.
A 3080Ti/Super 20GB with the speed of the 3090 will come for $999 or so.

Or if Big Navi eats the 3080 for less money, we could see the 20GB go for the same money.

It will be tough for Nv to maintain massive profits once AMD releases their cards.
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