NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080, 2080 Ti 3DMark TimeSpy Scores

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You're just here to bitch because you think it's expensive, which means that not only did you skip economics, but you skipped the explanations in the thread already.

So you've bitched. Congratulations!
No, I am here to evaluate the performance, and say that given the number of transistors, the functionality, the fabrication process and the architecture, compared to Nvidias own previous generation this 20xx are a rip off given the price.

I am here to say that given those results in most cases people should pass on these cards and don't believe the RT hype. It is not real, not yet. Perhaps 30xx or whatever they want to call it.

No "explanations" have been given beyond "Nvidia prices those as a rip off because they can"

Furthermore half the sum of all your posts in this thread are tags and childish remarks against other members of the forums, from calling them kids, to children to millenials.

So I guess I shouldn't feed the troll anymore.
Nvidia is behaving as a company in its position largely should. That's a business perspective that doesn't significantly jive with how a 'community' might expect them to act, but they're not an aberration.

However, beyond that, AMD is responsible for leaving Nvidia in that position.

As much of a push as AMD has made with Ryzen, they're still a hairs breadth from extinction.

  • Nvidia is acting like a bunch of corporate douche bags. Keep defending that attitude. Now pay Jensen for the favor.
  • Learn how to read a corporate balance sheet
Nvidia is overcharging to recoup development costs during the RTX switchover, that was the only reason for the name change, to justify the increase in price. Ray Tracing is nothing new, its just they want to charge more to focus on it. The economics arguments in this thread are childish for the reason that nothing is new in terms of the economics, we discuss this every release, what is new is the specific tactics to justify the economic realities. A lot of times when smart people make short forums posts, its to egg on/entice and troll the dum dums, its called a trap.
This thread....

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