NVIDIA GeForce 378.78 Performance Driver Follow-Up @ [H]

lol cool, you guys are really dedicated, thanks for the patience for doing this all :)
I like the methodology used - comparing much earlier drivers to see the progression of performance improvement. This kinda validates the "Launch vs Current Driver Perf" slide they presented.

From 368.25 vs 378.78
- Hitman numbers almost line up to 23% (22.55% by my calculation).
- GoW4 got 6%

It'd be nice to validate the rest of the games specifically mentioned. DOOM performance was up 14.43%, which is very nice, yet wasn't included in the presentation.
Is Fallout4 still capped at 60Hz? Previously, 144Hz G-Sync screws up everything in Fallout4.
Isn't that an engine issue? Bethesda has always tied some game logic to framerate. You can go over 60, but yes, stuff can get screwed up.
Didn't know it was 64. I guess that explains why my Skyrim at 65-70fps (with all manner of mods + heavy ENB), the game only manages to screw up ever so slightly.