NVIDIA Announces The VR Funhouse Mod Kit

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Dec 31, 1969
NVIDIA announced today that it is releasing the VR Funhouse Mod Kit, which allows modders to access the game’s UE4 blueprints and assets to create mods and new levels to share via Steam Workshop. In addition to the mod kit, NVIDIA has released five NVIDIA VR Funhouse mods of its own. NVIDIA has made the full source code for VR Funhouse available on Github for developers as well.
Now where is AMD version of VR Funhouse? At least they could try to have a puke house version and probably be very successful at it.
Fun house isn't very fun...so don't care. Vive Owner here.
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Every "game" geared toward VR that I've seen so far has been crap but it will probably get better. The best things I have seen haven't been so much "games" but more so creative applications.