Nvidia 4080 Reviews are out!

The 3 announced 4xxx series cards have Tflops 73, 43, 35.5. The 3090, 3080 10gb, and 3060ti have tflops 29, 17.5, 14. The corresponding 4xxx cards all have about 150% more tflops than the listed 3xxx cards.

The 4090 was about 65% faster than the 3090 at 4k with that 150% tflop boost. So, best guess, the 4080 16gb will be about 65% faster than the 3080 10gb [midpoint between 3090ti and 4090] and the 4080 12gb will be about 65% faster than the 3060ti [near 3080ti]. Scaling on the lower end cards will be nearly as good at 1440p since there are less bottlenecks.

I realize tflops are not everything and you can't compare across architectures but it should be fairly accurate

Well I was off on this my a good margin. This card is at best 50% faster than the 3080 and much closer to the 3090ti than the 4090 when all bottlenecks are eliminated.

Best guess is bandwidth is what is holding this card back from being more than a 1:1 increase in price/performance over the 3080.

Can't say I am too excited over the $900 192 bit 4070 ti or whatever the hell they call it.


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It's a good card, but the price needs to be adjusted downwards. After the glut of 3xxx is sold off that might happen.
We're looking at an 80% price premium over 3080 -- a 2 year-old architecture, mind you -- for 30-40% better performance. That dog don't hunt.

Think about it this way, that 80% price/40% performance improvement would haved raise eyebrows if they were two cards of the same generation. As it stands, the pricing is beyond ridiculous, as there is a two year divide (and a new architecture and process) between these cards. Absurd.

What a joke this gen is turning out to be.
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