Nutanix at home?


Aug 4, 2004
Just curious if anyone has been running the Nutanix CE in the home/lab for more than just testing. I've been chugging along for several years now with VMWare and a homebrew SAN (ZFS on OpenIndiana) but have been trying to think of ways to consolidate a little. Considering we are using more Nutanix at work (put a small 3-node cluster in each facility with plans to expand to 4 nodes next year and possibly more) the hands-on experience would be good. However, while I do use my lab at home for some testing.. it also runs my Domain controller, Plex server, Sonarr/Sabnzbd/Utorrent, Ubiquiti controller, and a few other things.

Storage wise, my SAN has about 9TB shared out for file/media storage (6x3TB, mirrors), 900GB for slower VMs (4x320GB, mirrors), and 600GB SSD storage (4x240GB, RAIDZ). The storage is getting old and needs refreshed (keep putting it off), plus the OS is corrupted and requires manual intervention after a power outage to select the correct boot environment. It's been running without a SLOG and sync disabled (yeah.. not the best idea). It's running on an older Supermicro X8SIL-F with an Intel x3440.

On top of that I've currently got two R710 VMWare hosts connected via 4Gb fiber, with a 3rd unused.

Trying to decide whether to just spin up the 3rd R710 with VMWare and run OmniOS or something similar in a VM to provide ZFS storage, or take the plunge and switch over to Nutanix AHV. I've got an Intel 3700 100GB SSD to use as a slog for ZFS.. would need decent SSDs for the SSD tier on Nutanix. Either way I think I'll be buying some Seagate ST4000LM016 or similar drives to populate the R710 and ditch the Supermicro and Norco 4220 case.

Cheaper option is to use what I have and go with VMWare and ZFS VM. The only piece I would need to buy would be the 4TB drives (6). However, this only gives me one storage unit and would be relying on backups.

Nutanix would require (3) 200GB+ SSDs (could pick up S3700's off ebay), (2) HBA's and cables (already have one), and (6) 4TB drives, 2 in each node with RF2. So basically the cost of SSDs and HBA's would be the difference.