Nooblet First Build feat. NCASE M1 Compatibility/Performance Woes

Jan 15, 2017
Hey everyone, I made this new account after lurking around this thread hardcore /no pun intended/ because I plan on using this case for my first build. My current build consists of:

7700K + Kraken X52 (400mm tube length compared to 300mm of all Corsair AIO units)
EVGA 1080 FTW GAMING ACX 3.0 + Right Angle PCIE adapter/extension that I've seen somewhere in this thread
Silverstone SFX 700W PSU
Two sticks of RAM for 32GB total
Fans and the like, most likely high static pressure fans.

and thats as far as the important "will it fit?" stuff goes.

Will it fit? I am so so close to pulling the trigger on all these parts but I am worried if it won't fit, or wont be able to push graphics to the Acer X34 Predator monitor I plan on gaming with due to heat problems, or if the FTW GAMING ACX card simply wont fit.

For full explanations since I've been having a very difficult time finding answers to questions not frequently asked, please google "NCASE M1 Optimal CPU/GPU Cooling/Performance Advice?" to get linked to my reddit post. As this is my first post I wont be able to do any direct linking until I hit the 3 post minimum! I would copy and paste the reddit thread here, but I'd rather you read it separately to avoid a big wall of incoherent text as I'm in a bit of a rush to get this built!

Any suggestions to help maximize performance are more than welcome! I'm aiming to have one of the best damn performing Ncase M1 builds out there, even if it means losing the good looks of the Kraken X52 ;_; (I wanted it in case I can upgrade to Cerberus mATX sometime during the year)


Apologies if you've seen this post already as a comment, I figured it would be better for visibility's sake to make an independent post.