Noob question: Is a 7700 or 7700K a better "match" for a 1070 GPU in Dan A4?


Sep 4, 2017
So, my noob question...

Is a 7700 or 7700K a better match for a 1070 GPU in a Dan A4?

I ask because I imagine that pairing underpowered hardware, with overpowered hardware, creates an "inefficiency" of sorts. Maybe not a "bottleneck" exactly, but something like that.

I imagine getting the combination wrong could be like installing a spinning HDD in a system with Thunderbolt port intended for data transfer. Like, the speed benefits of the Thunderbolt start to vanish, given the HDD bottlenecks the transfer.

So, can the same be said about the 7700 or 7700K, when paired with a 1070 GPU?

Or, is a 7700K a dumb move, in such a small case? I mean, can an adequate cooler for the 7700K even fit in the case?

And what cooler would you recommend?

I couldn't find the cooler height limit on the Dan site:
The cpu's are the exact same besides one having an unlocked multiplier for overlocking. Any heatsink that fits the 7700 will fit the 7700k. 48mm cooler height, 54.5mm with window kit. You have to scroll down to Compatibility.

7700 would actually be better for the Dan case, 65W vs 95W for the 7700K so easier to cool. If you look through the the Dan AF-SFX thread you will see most people in there using 7700K in their builds. You will also see most of them having trouble getting decent temps with those builds.

Personally I would go with the 7700.
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I use the 7700T. Its the same CPU with a fewer Clock Speed. But the TDP is 35W. My CPU ist delidded and i have nothing issues to cool it all time.

Also there is no "bottleneck" in Gaming paired with the GTX 1070.
I just like the 7700K more because higher re-sale value and the fact that the stock, non-turbo clock is already 4.2GHz for all-cores. 4.2 GHz is pretty easy to hit with the Dan A4 case and you can even undervolt a little as well. If you have a custom shroud for the cpu cooler and try the simple mods mentioned in the main Dan A4 SFX thread, you can hit 4.4 GHz albeit at the cost of a louder PC.

I would say that 4.2 GHz is probably the best in terms of performance/noise. 4.3 GHz at stock voltage possibly.
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Thanks everyone for your answers and advice!

I guess I've been given more options than I knew I had... so it's back to the drawing board. I wish I knew what I'll decide, but I don't... not yet anyway.

Thanks a bunch for making my decision a more thorough one!

This community is awesome!