Noob here - please help: Asus Turbo or Strix in DanA4 v2?


Sep 4, 2017
So, my Dan A4 v2 has arrived, and my question is...

Can anyone suggest whether a Turbo or Strix is a better move, for the Dan A4 v2?

I'm primarily concerned about noise, I think.

I say this because I believe I could maybe address thermal issues with either:
  • ducting / compartments,
  • or adding another case fan or two,
  • or by moving into a different SFF case entirely!
Or several of the above!

Whereas, if I buy the Turbo, and it's noisy, I'm stuck with it. No returns, etc.

So is the Turbo or Strix better suited, in your experience / mind, to the Dan v2?

It may help if I add that the build will include a 8700 with the Noctua NH-L9i as the CPU cooler.

If you want to think of this as a "blower vs open-air cooler" question, that's fine... just that my choices are specifically between the Strix and Turbo, both from Asus.

And more specifically still, if you must know, my choice is between either the 1060 or 1080 Strix, or the 1060 or 1070 Turbo.

I'm really grateful in advance for any advice / guidance!
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I don't think it matters that much for temperatures. I had the Asus GTX1080 Strix and replaced it with a Asus GTX1080Ti Turbo. The Strix doesn't spin it fans when idle, and the Turbo has a minimum fan of 20%, it will always spin at 20% and thus make "a little" noise. I have never seen the Turbo getting warmer than 80°C, and the fan then spins at 50% and is quite hearable. The only time I heard it spin at 100% is when I tested the fans using the Asus AI Suite. I filmed it, I'll try to upload it.

But an SFF case is nearly impossible to get "silent" under load. Silent when idling is no problem.
Thanks for your thoughts!

Also... the GPUs you have... that's amazing! Anyway...

Okay, so you say the Strix would be silent when I'm browsing the web, for example... and during the same task, the Turbo would be at 20% fan speed, and slightly audible.

I guess this makes the Strix the winner, but only when idle.

Can I ask you: which of the cards do you believe is louder, when under a heavy gaming load?

My imagination has the Turbo squeeling loudly with its one fan during heavy gaming, whereas the Strix would just be whirring rather quietly during heavy gaming.

And then videos like the below make me nervous about a Turbo!

Is the Turbo in the video just that loud because... it's taken to 100% fan speed?

You seem to be saying that... in terms of temperatures, there's not much difference between the cards? Have I understood you correctly?

Look forward to hearing back, from you or others! :)
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To be fair, running all recent AAA games never gets the Turbo's fan higher than 50~55%, so some 2500RPM.
Yes, you can hear it, but it's nowhere near as loud as this test at 100%.

When you want to consider "as less noise as possible when idle" then go for the Strix.
I never tested the Strix sound levels at 100% fan speed so I can't say how loud it was.
Dan A4 v1 owner here. I have a 1080 strix in it and in idle it is silent. Also, while gaming, the NH-L9i CPU fan gets way louder (but still not annoying). So I'd recommend the strix, however I have no experience with the turbo.
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Holy moly... I am so torn about this. And... so confused.

I guess, I play games less than I want to. So, most of the that time the computer is on, it's really just the CPU in use or at work, and not really the GPU at all, I guess. (Like, when you're working on CAD models, etc.)

So, most of the time, I think the integrated graphics in the CPU could handle the task.

But, I obviously don't want the GPU to screaaam when I do occasionally game.

I don't know if that "typical use-case" suggests a particular course of action.
Dan A4 v1 owner here.

Do you think your NH-L9i gets loud because the CPU is being made hotter by the Strix? Like, the ambient temperature in the case will presumably be higher with a "Strix-style" cooler, than a "Turbo-style" cooler, and so the NH-L9i needs to run faster, to take that heat away from the CPU...

It makes me think... maybe a Turbo would be wise - the CPU cooler would need to run less fast / hard / loud, if the I go with a Turbo which exhausts the heat.

But then... the blower / Turbo-style is so much louder than a Strix, and never ever silent, even when idle... which the computer would mainly be.
To be fair, running all recent AAA games never gets the Turbo's fan higher than 50~55%, so some 2500RPM.

I am so, so torn about this.

I guess everyone here is familiar with the decision, just that I'm not.

What does Dan himself suggest?