Nomination: DC'er of the Month: January 2023


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Jun 15, 2005
The Voting has started for DC'er of the Year! <<DCOTY Voting Link>>

Can we do two things at once? Hell Yes! We are [H]ARD!

Let's nominate for January 2023! A new year! A new month! Let's nominate some great DC'ers!

Who is worthy of this honor?

To nominate someone, you must give at least a brief reasoning behind why they should be nominated.

More rules and policies are below.

Nominate the best and the brightest!

From the [H]ard|DCer of the Month - FAQ and [H]all of fame:

Q: What is the [H]ard|DCer of the Month?

Every month, the team gets a chance to choose someone they thought contributed greatly to the team, and give them a bit of recognition for it. At the beginning of each month, a nomination thread is held. Here is your chance to nominate whoever you think deserves recognition. Someone can be nominated for any reason. It does not matter if they designed some massive piece of software to help the team in some way, or simply added a few boxen to ramp up their production.

Q: How do things work?

Nominations are held for 10 days starting on the 1st of each month. The nominated people move onto a poll and the Poll will be open for 10 days following the end of the nomination thread. The remaining part of the month is reserved for congratulating the winner and have fun. Same as before, vote for whoever you want, for whatever reaons you want. If there is a tie, a runoff will be held. After the winner is chosen, they are interviewed so the entire team can see what makes them tick.

For the [H]ard|DCer of the Year, there is no nominations thread because the only worthy candidates is the [H]ard|DCer of the Month winners for the current year. The poll to choose a winner is done in 2 steps : The first poll will include all 12 winners for the current year and we select only the best 4 winners which will participate in the next round. If there is a tie in the first 4 ranks, the tie winners will move together. In the second round, the one with the most votes will be declared the winner but if there is a tie, a runoff vote will be held. Each step will last 10 days.

Q: What does the winner get as prize?

Being that there is no cash flow funding the [H]ard|DCer award, there is only so much we can do in the way of prizes The [H]|DCers do not have a physical prize, but thanks to Kyle and the rest of the gang, we still have something to give winners. All winners will receive a custom title showing off their achievement.

Q: Are there any rules for this?

To nominate someone, you must give at least a brief reasoning behind why they should be nominated.

Past winners cannot be nominated until one full year after they last won.

You cannot nominate yourself.

Hard DCer of the Year winners are excluded forever.

Any contestation or question about the nomination thread should be done via PM.
You can still send me chips though W.Feather :D
EXT64 for being a damn chip hippo and a reliabile folder

Did W.Feather nominate someone who is not eligible? I've never seen this before.

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W.Feather promised that he sent me the shirt in this image. But I never received the package?

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Any further nominations? Let's move this along, please!