Noise test suggestion


Supreme [H]ardness
May 20, 2011
I've had a quick check of a couple of video card reviews and they don't detail the audio setup. So I've got a suggestion for an additional noise test I'd like you to do if you're not already doing it: how loud the GPU is to bystanders when playing games.

The noise of playing a game is going to overwhelm the noise from all but the loudest GPUs when the game audio is played through speakers. But what about when the game audio is played through a headset? Others might be in the same room, or next door when the walls are thin, and keeping the noise level down is courteous. Being courteous, you play with a headset. That removes the game noise, but it doesn't remove the noise of the GPU.

The test is easy to do: just measure the noise level of the GPU when the game audio is routed to a headset.

The test can also be used to evaluate the noise-deadening qualities of cases.

Of course, if you're already doing something like this, it might be worth mentioning on the Test Setup page or the page where you comment on the noise.
For noise tests you'll be better served on other sites. Hardocp does more subjective testing making comparisons almost impossible and their noise treshold is quite high.