No sound on yamaha soundbar after power off tv


Feb 26, 2010
So my mother has a Samsung UE49k5505ak tv

And a yahama sound bar ats-b200

These 2 devices are connected together with a hdmi cable in the right ports in the tv.

When she watches tv then the sound works fine, but if she want to watch another source like netflix or some free movies on another tv app.
Then the sound also plays fine and it works.

If she then power off the tv on the remote, then the tv and the soundbar powers off fine.
But when she powers on the tv again, then the sound is gone and sort of still connected to the app she was watching movie on.

So she needs to properly exit the app and then select live tv source in order for the sound to go back to the tv again.
Its like the soundbar dosent understand to change the source automatic unless you properly exit the current app like netflix or youtube or the free movie app.

Is this normal ?
Or is this cuz its a samsung tv and yamana sound bar ?
ts the tv not the soundbar.
All the soundbar does is play what comes out on the cable.
It does not know which app is supplying the sound.
Contact support for the tv and they might have a firmware update