Nissan Testing Easy Ride Service


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Apr 25, 2001
Nissan is testing their new autonomous vehicle ride-sharing service called Easy Ride. They have developed in-house software that hails a ride like Uber or Lyft. The test starts in Japan next month and once everything checks out they plan to offer the service across Japan in the early 2020's. Can the Ubers of the world compete with the automakers in this market? We'll soon see.

Nissan wants to launch ‘Easy Ride’ in Japan in the early 2020s and has designed it to feel more like a concierge service on wheels, making restaurant recommendations, for example, while the car is on the move.
It's actually a good idea to make the car more appealing to "connected" people. It's about driving business, and this would probably help those who are trying to make a living at doing this. I would never use Uber or anything like that if I can. No desire to get in some strangers car.
If I was in a city, especially a traffic crowded one, I'd go for something like this, so long as they keep the cars clean. Unlikely in low population areas, but just another rural penalty--having to own your own car--I'll still take the peace and quiet over the convenience. For tourists this seems like it would be especially nice.
*ahem*...So they're testing your Mom?

Can't believe i'm the 1st one here to post that, is it a holiday or internet being bombarded with IoT bot attacks again?