Newegg: LG OLED65C7P = $2,199.00

I just got to see a OLED up close and personal the other night and I have to say I was very impressed.
You sure they were the newer 4k ones? I seen old 1080P ones for around that a while ago.
And were they 65" like in the OP? Or was he responding to your post about the 55" ? lol

Otherwise the C-series will definitely drop in price right before the new models appear ... i wonder when that will be.
This isn’t necessarily a bad price but this model has gone on sale for far less. Just search Slickdeals for the model number. Since the C7 is the 2017 model, several places had them on clearance earlier in the year after the C8’s (2018 model) came out.

Personally, at this price, I’d hold out for a deal on a C8.
55" in my case, seems to be plenty to fill out the mantel above the fireplace. i suppose 65" would work too but, for 1200 or less than 1400 i'll take 55", seems to be a manageable price point.