Deals 11/21

I just got the 3770K for 299.00 and the 64mb, 500gig velociraptor for 79.00. Not too shabby.
Bleh. Too many pages to sift through. Just give me some good ass deals on a few things and I'll snap'em up.
NE Webmaster. I know you've come through few times :)

Nice deal on a 7850, 7870 would be nice.
I don't see anything that catches my attention.

Where are the deals on Intel SSDs?
Bought the Kingston 240GB only to realize I need a new system lol old system doesn't do SATA 3.

So, going Intel. I see the I5-2310 but a competitor has the i5-3570K for around $180.
I'D RATHER BUY FROM YOU!!! :) Can you hook it up?

A nice deal on a AMD 7850/7870 wouldn't be too shabby too!!!
Won't it need bigger bandwidth and SATA 3 capabale board?

I bit on the Kingston drive also and will be putting it in my x58 system which is only SATA 2. SATA 3 is backwards compatible with SATA 2... but building a new system is fun too :D
Pre-flood prices on hard drives is all we looking for. Its almost cheaper to go with an SSD.
Picked up that Polk sub for $80FS for my dad. Damn good deal....
Please update for the new week and provide a 256 GB SSD deal. I'm sure you have Samsung 830s lying around somewhere! :cool: