New ROG ASUS Maximus VIII Formula Motherboard on the Bench

My Maximus VI Formula is still going strong. They just look so good too.
Really like the built-in EK watercooling option and of course more features and options then one could possibly ever need/want... sort of a Cadillac mb with a price to match. Jumping onto the Skylake bandwagon with this would be cool, but would require dumping close to a grand into the mb/cpu/memory combo... and for only somewhat marginal gains over a the last gen or two depending on how well it would overclock, so I'll be sticking with Haswell till at least Cannonlake or perhaps Icelake surfaces. These last two gens of CPUs from Intel have been sort of "meh" as to real world performance gains, especially when compared to a nicely overclocked Haswell offering.
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overpriced board
I can get the same overclocked on a 200 dollar board

You can certainly achieve the same overclock on a $200 motherboard. You can't get all the same features on a $200 motherboard. Face it, that's the bulk of what you are paying for. Whether or not the features are of value to you is another discussion entirely.
My Maximus V Formula is still going strong. They just look so good too.
I've never spent more than $150 on a motherboard, but damn if that thing isn't sexy...
I think I missed he m2 slot somewhere in there, is it hidden under a panel?