New Radeon Driver for Windows 10 April Update


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May 18, 1997
If you are running an AMD video card and thinking of updating your Windows 10 OS with the now available April update, the timing could not be better. AMD just kicked out WHQL drivers for your downloading pleasure. You neckbeard Linux lovers got attention from AMD last week, so don't complain and get Cheeto dust all over the discussion thread. Thanks cageymaru.
Anyone know what the actual build number is please, not just the April update version number? Thanks
^ I think that's right. my insider build is the .5.

edit: just installed the update on another system I have here and it shows 17134.1.
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Yep no new R2500u vega 8 drivers again and don't tell me to use the HP drivers, the latest are on Acers site for the swift dated feb 2018, and are still 17.7. I don't care for Nvidia's policies but at least they support their mobile products. And no HP, Acer, Lenovo and Dell do not make drivers they get them from AMD....and as far as I can tell they are unmodified... And the latest thing that Amd seems to care about are just more for the miners.....
And they all work the Acer just happens to be the most current..... I'm not getting into this again,I brought it to HP's attention and I submitted feedback to AMD all to no avail. In today's world once a company has your cash they don't care. It's just the way it is, to twist an old TV commercial the quality goes out before the name goes on........