New Office Photos - Server Room


Jan 9, 2003
So heres a follow-up to my original post... after we ran all our wires and the painters came in after dry-wall went up, we finally got a chance to get in this weekend and drop our wires. We had the tile guy put tile in and we had the painters do a final coat in our server room so we could do this....

To answer some questions.

1) My boss made the wire hangers out of PVC and threaded flanges. Worked great and a helluva lot cheaper then a wire chase system

2) All the wires are for many things. Blue: Data, White: Phone, Yellow: A mixture of IR controls, HVAC controls and PTZ controls for the cameras (also motorized blind controls), Brown: Alarm, Grey: Prox card readers, White: Mixture of speaker wires and door strike wires.

3) Why all the wires? Well our office is a mixture of a massive camera network (32 cameras, with about 6+ being PTZ cameras), security (alarm systems and access control) and automation... we'll be able to control everything from the lights, look at cameras, control doors from an iPhone or from a web interface. The system will also automatically turn all the lights off, close all the blinds, adjust the temperature when the alarms are armed. If the alarms go off, whatever zone is trigger, PTZ cameras will automatically focus to that area...

It'll be really neat when its done. But here are the photos of this weekends wiring:



















Looks good so far! How much longer until its complete?
Well we're going to try and get the relay rack put together and the server cabinet in this week... then we'll see what else we need. We may need a wall-mounted cabinet for some misc. audio equipment and pa equipment... but we're hoping in a few weeks... the goal was april 15th but it seems the contractors are taking a little longer.

we also need to put an AC in the server room, which we'll get this week..

sooo looking at maybe 2 weeks im thinking/hoping...
Looks like this is coming along nicely.

On the wire hangers, I suggest you also put a regular screw through the middle joint of the two PVC pipes. It'd provide extra strength in that area. Wires can get heavy over time and that joint seems like it'd be weak to me, even with joint compound. But then again, it's me looking at a picture. :)
We can hold ourselves from it... i mean i havnt tried it, but i was using the hangers as monkey bars almost (i was standing on a ladder but leaning on the hangers)... they are pretty good. And if they break, we're out like $2, lol
Im working on the relay rack today, i have 3 outta 4 patch panels (for data) done. So i'll post photos of that tonight when I get home. I also put the server rack in, nothing in it yet but its up there... i still have to patch down the phone lines into the panels. Thats about another 40 or so patches... still need to find some 25pair phone patch cables in about 35' lengths.. otherwise i may have to run cat5 cables, which i don't wanna do.
Im working on the relay rack today, i have 3 outta 4 patch panels (for data) done. So i'll post photos of that tonight when I get home. I also put the server rack in, nothing in it yet but its up there... i still have to patch down the phone lines into the panels. Thats about another 40 or so patches... still need to find some 25pair phone patch cables in about 35' lengths.. otherwise i may have to run cat5 cables, which i don't wanna do. has the 25 pair you are looking for. I used it to do cross connects from one patch panel to another during my server room build out. I would never do it again. such a pain to work with. I would just run Cat5.
Ohh thank you kindly. I have an account with Deep Surplus. No discounts, but its terms which is nice. I have cross connect cable but we don't regularly use 25/50 pair... and im not about to drag 40+ pair one by one, lol... realy that much of a pain? We have our phone extensions from the wall jacks going into 1 patch panel, and then that connects to a 2nd patch panel which goes back to the phone system, easy to change extenions that way... we have about 30-35 extensions we'll be patching... i was either going to run 35 dedicated cat5 wires (in case we ever did VoIP) but then figured "screw that, thats 35 damn wires i have to label now" so 2 25 pair bundles will do the job for us.
So here are some photos from this weekend (for those who question why we didnt patch all of them down on 1st/last... the 1st one is for our server patches, wifi patches and for a dedicated switch for my ghost server, last one well we couldnt fill it, didnt have that many ports... our office has a total of about 60 data drops)

The rack is in:


We put the AC in also:

Lots of wires to punch down

Dell rack was brought upstairs also

Starting to punch them down and test out wire manager

One down, a bunch to go:

Starting on the 2nd patch panel



3 down 1 to go:

Love monoprice for lots of things (patch panels/velcro straps)






All done with data





Looks good. Looks alot like our server room build out except not nearly as many drops. We are using the same AC unit (think mine might be a smaller btu) been going for over a year and a half without a single problem 24/7 maintaining a nice 74F.
Yeah they are popular units. We mounted the compressor on the roof. We're on a 2nd floor and the side of the server room we originally planned to install it (behind relay rack) is indeed an outside wall which normally is a piece of cake. But it just so happens that wall is our main wall where our parking lot is. And people see that. Its a VERY nice piece of property with great landscaping. So we didn't want anything sticking out. So we ran the lines up to the roof (at least, the guys doing that tommorow, we arnt,lol). Worked out well that way. We're also having that guy run 2 of our coax to the roof. We planned to go out near the fire hatch but we decided to have him do it. One coax is for satelite radio, the other coax goes to my office for my police/fire scanner that i keep on my desk. I have a roof mounted antenna going up also.
Nice, our contractor did the A/C and compressor installation as well as all the roof penetrations during our build out so it wasn't something I had to worry about. All in all doing I had a great time doing our build out but I don't ever want to run another network cable.
Looking good, whats the make of the 2 post rack / vertical organisers and where did you get them?
Adam, if you guys have an account with Graybar, you should be able get the 25 pair cable from them, cut to length on a reel.
25 pair cable is no pain at all, just gotta know the color code.
Hmmm ya know back in the day before graybar was who they are, i was contracted to design their website... way back when i had no idea what a cat5 wire was, lol... i never finished it...

i should look into graybar. I ordered a 79-80 foot 25 pair from deep surplus. i'll cut it in half for my wires.

the cable running on top of the light... the white bundle right??? white is either phone or it could be siamese (for our cameras, coax + power on 1 wire so to speak)...

there may be a data here and there also but we tried to avoid doing that, at least "I" tried too... some of the staff are not wiring guys so they may have run some... not too sure
I buy most of my stuff from Graybar. They are national, stock what I need, (I almost only use Leviton jacks/panels) and the prices are reasonable. All I have to do is make a phone call to my rep and order what I want. Sure Monoprice/Deep Surplus may be cheaper but I don't have to wait for it to show up, I can get anything next day by UPS ground or by going to the will call counter.
There's at least half a dozen suppliers I use locally for cabling, electrical supplies, cameras, etc.
Just wondering what kind of phone system you guys have? Some require 2 pairs...
Gotta see if they have local places by me. I hate waiting a week. Im in NY so anything from monoprice/deepsurplus takes a week to come in.

We are using Panasonic's Digtital system. The TDA-100 actually. Only requires 1 pair since its digital
One not too too far away. Theres a local cable supply company i pass a lot we may call for pricing