New MicroAtx Build advice?


Limp Gawd
Aug 10, 2006
My last build used an 8700k + 1080ti inside an M1case in 2018. There has been a lot of releases since 2018, that I dont know what is good anymore and am confused with AMD vs. Intel and the limitations with MicroATX motherboards. Maybe microATX isnt worth it for value? The goal of the system would be for 2K-4K screen for Photo and minor video editing, Adobe Products, Photo and Movie storage, and general PC stuff like [H] surfing.

1) i7 8700k equiv?
2) Asus Micro Atx? I'll have to ask about this sizing.
3) 16gb ram (2x8)?
4) M.2 boot
5) SSD or HDD Storage (i have m.2 and 4tb hdd)
6) GPU -- I have a 1080ti, he doesnt need something this hot so maybe a 1070/2060? AMD?
7) Noctua air cooler
8) Case -- not expensive and fancy as my M1 case.

I think this can be made $1000-1200 using the forums/ebay/deals.

Thanks everyone, I'll be doing more research.