New member here - Your GPU recommendations for Dan A4 v2?


Sep 4, 2017
Hi, I'm a new member of the [H] forum, but have been reading for a while.

I want to buy an Nvidia 1070 (or 1060 if this is wiser) for a Dan A4, but I have no idea which brand / model to go for!

I'm most concerned about noise, and then either thermals or performance... I can't decide.

Which 1070 do you recommend I buy, if noise (decibels) is my primary concern?

I'm limited to buying from a local retailer, because I don't trust myself to build this thing myself. (And other reasons.)

For that reason, I have "only" 19 different 1070 models available to me, from:

Zotac, Gigabyte, MSI, Asus, EVGA and Galax.

If you go to and search for "1070" immediately above the list of cards, you'll see my options.

Which 1070 would you buy, if you were me?

I guess find myself asking this because I'm not really finding "reputable" noise readings (both under load and idle) for these cards!

I find myself leaning towards the ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1070 Mini, 8GB... but maybe just because it's smaller, and I'm thinking this could help with air flow. But maybe it's loud!

I was going to try to buy a "blower" style card, but it seems others with the Dan A4 are using more "open air" styles! I can do either, though.

The SilverStone 600W SFX which I want to buy gives me 2 x 8 / 6 pin PCIE connectors, I believe.

Anyway, very grateful for any advice / recommendations you can offer!

I have saved for years to do this, so I want to get it right. (Embarrassing, but true. Have mercy on me.)

Take the Zotac 1070 mini. It has good reviews, as of why I myself WOULD'VE taken it were it not for a 1080 strix was on a very nice sale this weekend.
And go for the SF450/SF600 instead. I have the SilverSTone 600W, and I'm one of the lucky few who don't have a highpitch shit noise coming from it. The SF450 will be more than enough for you.
I have in my Dan Cases the Asus Strix GTX 1070 8G.

In Idle: there is no Sound, because of the 0 RPM Mode. GPU Temperatures around 40°C.

In Gaming: it is absolute Silent. Nothing to Hear. Only you Ear is direct to the Case. GPU Temperatures around 64°C.

An Advantage about this Card is, it have only one 8 Pin PCIe Power Connector.
Less Cable, less Power Consumption.

Also i recommend the Corsair SF450 Power Supply. It has more Power than you need and its very silent.


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Thanks very much Jspr and csfreakno1 for your answers and advice! I'm really grateful for it.

So, I guess it'll either be the Asus Strix GTX 1070 8G, or the Zotac 1070 Mini...

I guess I'm currently leaning towards the Strix, given that both of you bought a Strix... even though one of you in fact recommends the Zotac.

I've gotta say, the Strix looks amazing in your case, csfreakno1! Sure the 1080 does too, Jspr.

Can I also ask:

Given that Dan himself recommends a "blower" style GPU, why do so many Dan owners opt for the "open air" style GPUs?

And one more, if someone / anyone has time:

Would a 1060 be smarter? I only ask because I imagine the 1060 runs cooler than the 1070, and in virtue of that, I imagine it'd be quieter.

Again, thanks in advance for any further answers / advice, from anyone!
I think a Blower Style GPU like the Founders Edition isn't better than the Asus Strix.
Because of Dan Concept with the Upstand GPU: The Cooler pull the Air from Outside and the Hot Air move out Upside.
The Cooling works perfectly and absolut silent.

For your choice of GPU, its depend on what you Need. I recommend the following GPU on this Resolution:

GTX 1060: 1920 x 1080 (FHD)
GTX 1070: 2560 x 1440 (QHD) or FHD for High FPS (G-Sync)
GTX 1080: 3840 x 2160 (4K) or FHD/QHD for High FPS (G-Sync)

I play hat 1080p (FHD) on my GTX 1070, because i need High FPS for G-Sync.

I dont believe that a 1060 is quiter than the 1070. My Asus Strix is a absolut Silent Beast.
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For me it was a question about price. The zotac 1070 is good and cheap, and the 1070 strix is the same price as a 1080 zotac mini where I live. The reason I bought the 1080 strix was because it was CHEAPER than the 1080 zotac mini (and also cheaper than the 1070 strix).
But again -- it is your money :)
omg, you guys are awesome! Thanks so much for the information / guidance!

Honestly, I was stuck making decisions on this stuff... I guess there is an endless amount of stuff to read online about GPUs... but a few quick questions-and-answers, and your decisions are so much easier.