New Fiber Patch Panel

So I'm a total noob, but love to peruse the [H]ard networking pics some of you guys have. Can someone explain what this is, I'm sure it's probably as awesome as it looks.

...and yes, I know I could google it...
The top box is the fiber patch panel, allows termination 2 sets of fiber optic cables to make a complete path, same function as a Cat 5/6 copper patch panel.
Gotcha. So fiber cable from a meets fiber cable from b at this box which connects the two? How much more computing power involved with handling this amount of bandwidth? I'd love to see more pictures of whatever is visible and thanks for sharing. Like I said, I'm ignorant but interested.
Since this is a ISP design this Fiber Patch Panel does multiple things. Although it would be very similiar in a typical campus network design or single buidling with multiple floors with a MDF and IDF rooms.

In our case all those fibers that connect are actually going to different datacenters around the San Francisco bay area that interconnects our metro core network together. So on there you can see Palo Alto PAIX, San Jose SV3 Lundy Equinix, Santa Clara Layer42, SF 365main and so on.

Plus multiple BGP ISP upstream connections and public peering on the Internet Exchange such as . Alot of those copper cables are customer cross connects that are local inside the facility itself.

When I get a chance I will take a few more pictures to give a better idea of it.

Hopefully this clears it up a little but most likely will lead into more questions.
I would rate it a 7 out of 10, but looks very nice, prolly about 200% better then before. I know you cant unplug everything and rerun the wires to make it a 10/10. But its nice cable lengths.
Looks like an overkill (port count) for the application, but looks good.