Networking the Smart Office That Millennials Demand

So 'Smart' people don't care how much BS IT support has to go through so the smart folks can have technology toys to make their jobs easier?

Yea, I saw that too and it's exactly what I have been told before;
They do not care about the challenges of managing dozens of endpoints, servers, and security

I've been told that these guys have no interest in the standard enterprise IT work and roles. They see it as the "grunt work" and I suppose they are either too smart for this lowly pursuit or it's just not what any of them see themselves doing, not that most of them have a clue what the work is like.

I suppose this means I should have no great competition well up to retirement. I'll just have to turn my deaf ear to those complaining about the old guys squatting on the jobs .... that they really don't want to do anyway (y)
So you had a hard time so everyone else has to go the same route and have just a hard a time?

I want the best hardware to do my job because I can be the most productive with it.
I want raises/promotions to recognize that I am performing at a higher level than my peers...which I am.

Whats your point?

Wait, but did you say you wanted these things when you interviewed?