Network pics thread

mmmm I just been getting some new gear in the mail. Will post pix after I finish racking and building everything (many pix during the entire process of gutting our racks to make room for this new equipment to building the servers). What's coming:

-12x 10k rpm 400GB SAS EMC SAN with dual storage procs and dual standby-power-supplies
-Five HP DL 360's w/ dual Quad-Core Xeon's @ 2.5GHz, 32GB RAM, 4x 146GB 10k SAS
-One HP ML350 w/ dual Quad-Core Xeon @ 2.83GHz, 8GB RAM, 5x 1TB SATA
-One HP MSL2024 Tape-Loader w/ 38.4TB (compressed) capacity
Mmmmm.... SAN storage. Lucky you.

What's all that gear for? A VMWare cluster?

Also, with almost 5GB of high-speed storage, why did you purchase that 8-way box with 5TB of slower, direct-attached SATA Storage instead of just adding another tray of SATA disks to the SAN?
The main part of my current home setup. Everything isn't plugged in yet and I'm actually going to be switching out the 1800-24G for a 2900-24G.

The WAP is a Proxim AP-4000 and the 1U device was a surplus NS-6300 I picked up. It's currently running pfsense off an onboard CF slot. It's a pretty nice setup, has 6 on-board NIC's, P4 2.8GHZ, and 1GB RAM.

Like your little setup LittleMe. Why are you switching out the HP 1800-24G for a 2900-24G?
I've got a second 2900-24G and a 4506zl to play around with. Plus, the 2900-24G is just sweet with the 4 10GigE stacking/uplink ports.
Here are some updated one of my network. (Still not finished, I have a 3com Baseline 2816 to add and 3ru mini-rack with 24port patch panel that is going in my garage)



Noticing some of these setups. How can people not run a firewall (not including software firewalls)?
Loco Laptop,

If you don't mind me asking, why do you have 2 cable modems? Do you have one as a redundant line, or do you run it to a dedicated server? Just curious, as I haven't seen any "dual" cable line setups in homes. :confused:
Loco Laptop,

If you don't mind me asking, why do you have 2 cable modems? Do you have one as a redundant line, or do you run it to a dedicated server? Just curious, as I haven't seen any "dual" cable line setups in homes. :confused:

For a few reasons.
1. One of the 2 goes down.
2. Always one slower then the other...
3. I used to run a game server but had to many problems..
4. Speed sucks.

the left one

the right one.

Oh and one more thing. I cant get anything else in my area because its blocked. :mad:
Can we see pics from the back? Also, are you load-balancing the two modems? How are you doing it if you are?
I tried load balancing but didnt work out. ( Im to much of a noob )

All CAT-6 cable

The cable fix :p

Im not stealing cable btw.
My contribution.


The equipment is: (starting from top)
ISP Patch panel
Cisco Pix 515E
Dell Powerconnect 3348
cable management
Server Patch Panel
Dell PE1950
Dell PE1950
Dell rackmount KVM LCD combo
Dell PE1850
Dell PE1950 (not in these pictures, but it's there)
Dell PE1950
space for future array
Dell Powervault MD1000 (not in these pictures, but it's there)
Dell Powervault MD1000
Dell Powervault MD1000

The APC units are about ready to be replaced with a Smart-UPS 5000VA with 2 transformers so I don't need PDU's.
nice setup for the house for sure! I just have a 2924xl, 3620, buffalo AP and an Untangle server. :D If I ever get off my ass I'll take a pic and post that....
Ya its coming together nicely. I will be getting another server for the rack in the next couple of weeks and I want to get a second rack for my Cisco stuff I have laying around.
Here pictures from my virtualization project...

AX4-5I SAN front

AX4-5I SAN rear

Building the servers. 5x Dual 2.5GHz Xeon's with 32GB mem each and QLogic PCI-e iSCSI HBA

Racking the SAN

Before... kind of... I had started reorganizing stuff before the picture was taken so it's not an actual representation of what it really used to look like, since those grey cables never used to be strung across like that, but I had to steal the old cables since they were nice :)

After. The very far right rack will go away, and all the servers in the very far left rack will be decomissioned and possibly donated. The only servers that will exist in the left rack will be a 5TB disk-backup server (not pictured) w/ a 12-cartridge LTO4 tape loader (not pictured)

Close-up of the new gear


Rear shot

The venerable macro-shot
versello, could you PM me about how you like the AX4-5 SAN.

I am looking at replacing my MD1000's with some Dell EMC products sometime in 2009 and was looking at similar offerings.
not much going on here. would like to get a cisco adsl router (857) and some newer cat6a cables, but I may save up for a 1841.

My ever changing network, just the lan to lan WAN diagram. I can't fit my LAN into my WAN diagram.. haha:p

the miscellaneous gear under the edge devices are the start of the LAN on each segment, I have to figure out how Im going to draw the rest out, or just separate them on different pages. Yes, this is a home network..... a home network that does NOT support any kind of business at all. No, the electric is not off the wall(see other posts if you want to see my old setup that Im actually bringing back, well my CCIE POD)

The IP phones are all Cisco(either 7970G or 7960G with one 7921 soon:cool:). They all pull CAC from a clustered call manager environment that lives in ESX land and will soon trunk out to broadvoice or something via call manager 6.2.


WRT54G V8: DD-WRT v24-Sp1 Firmware

Cable Modem
l- (wifi) -> sisters laptop, other sisters desktop
l- (wired) -> server, my main, my guest

Sempron 3100+
384MB Ram (Anyone wanna donate :p)
30GB Hard Drive

Specs in sig

Guest Comp:
Sempron 2800+
1GB PC-3200 Ram
80GB Hard Drive
Radeon 9250 AGP

Sisters Laptop:
AMD Turion X2 1.8Ghz?
1GB PC2-5300?
160GB Hard Drive?

Sisters Desktop:
Pentium 4 1.5Ghz
512MB PC-2100
40GB Hard Drive

It's an ugly ass boring setup, but it's what I got.
Don't laugh too hard about my room, it's in need of change.
Is the wireless signal needed above or below your access point? Those Antenna should be perpendicular to the intended reception...
It's needed above.
My sisters computer that's two floors up and over through a wall has full signal
so I guess/hope it's right?

that's the same ugly @ss modem road runner gave me. :D I tried replacing it with one of those motorola surfboard's everyone always raves about, and this rca modem was actually faster. It's also much more stable on the desktop, and more useful indicator lights, too. function over form FTW. :D
all righty.. got home and got some sleep since I posted the diagram... so got soem pics here,

The Cable Modem - love this Modem.. has been very reliable.. and doesn't get real hot. (does get warm though....


The Linksys WRT54G w/ DD-WRT


The Cisco Catalyst 2820 XL

The Linksys SR216 Switch/Make-Do Cable Extender

and The Cisco Catalyst 2900XL w/ 2 Fiber expansion modules