Network pics thread

I guess it's time to throw in a diagram of my home network.

here is my CCNA lab, i will take more pics of the rest of my networking stuff when i get a chance, but i warn you i am lazy, that is why i got my ccna lab over a year ago and still don't have my ccna lol

my equipment rack:

the top shelf is an old g4 mac cube running OSX 10.4.11, i use that as my backup apache server for when i have everything else down for maintenance. also on the top shelf, is a 9 slot HP DLT 40/80GB autoloader tape drive.

middle shelf, the silver tower is a dual xeon 2.66/3GB ram, and 2 HP desktops. the lower is a DC7100 (3.2GHz HT, 1GB Ram) which is my FreeBSD desktop, and the upper is a DC7700 (C2Duo 1.86, 4GB ram, vista 64, lowprofile nvidi a8400S) which is where i play a game from time to time.

2nd shelf from bottom, are 4 IBM desktops. the bottom one is a pfsense 1.2-RELEASE firewall, with a p4 1.8 and 512ram. the 2nd one up, is also a p4 1.8 with 1.5GB ram, and runs FreeBSD 7.0, with 4 jails instances that i tinker around in (so i dont break my production server). 3rd up from the stack, is my production server, running a p4 2.8 and 4GB ram, running FreeBSD 6.3-p1, and 4 jails (2 DNS, a web, and an email server). last one on top is a pr 2.4, 2GB ram, running windows server 2003 r2 enterprise, and my backup software (backing up to the tape dribe above).

bottom shelf is just some APC batteries and some APC masterswitches.


behind the tape drive, is the network infrastructure.


this is where i sit...


this is where the wife sits. in the pic, is an older G4 dual 500 Mhz PPC mac, but she has one of the silverones thats a dual 1.25 now (exact same case tho, but silver).
This is a work in progress...

Look what came in today.

Home server room, now I need to go get some rackmount cases ;)
Cisco 1240AG Access Point
Cisco 1841 ISR - Just got it today not hooked up yet
Cisco 3524 Switch
Dell Poweredge 350

Here is my repost here.

This is what it looks like as of today, it's a bit blurry. This is my makeshift "rack" made out of two end tables.

EDIT: This is the thread it should have went in the first place!
Network Layout Diagram

It's been steadily growing over the last few years.

All workstations on 1000 Mbps ethernet.
All laptops on D-Link proprietary 108 Mbps wireless.

Nautilus is the central server, being ADDS DC, File Server, AV Server (NOD32), DB Server (MySQL & SQL2K8) & Web Server (Apache/PHP & IIS/ASP).

HyperBlast is the connectivity server running 2 NIC's and a disgusting array of 4x 56K modems that run Multilink PPP over 4 POTS lines. Don't laugh, that was the best connectivity available here for almost 2 years. (Helps having an uncle as a Bell Canada line tech).

I JUST (as in last week) got my first taste of residential high-speed again in almost 2 years via a local WISP, but am keeping the Multilink bank setup as a backup (the wireless can be a little iffy sometimes). :)

D-Link DGL-4300 & 2x Dell PowerConnect 2024's

D-Link DGL-4100 (all by its' lonesome)

Merlin: My Workstation (she's getting long in the tooth).

The Children circa February 2008... before they were placed appropriately around the house... (Merced, Corona, HyperBlast, ex-HyperBlast (defunct), Inspire & Europa)
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and to stick with the rules, deploying 2 of these 2morrow for ipsec vpn

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Back to the topic on hand, once I find batteries for my camera, lol, I'll have to take some pics and let you guys see it, and COMMENT on them.

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Sorry if I'm out of my lane here Bob, but this shit is just getting obnoxious.

I've posted my home setup before however:

Westell Modem - Netgear Prosafe WG302
Nokia IP330 w/ MonoWall
DLink DSS-16+
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Small update

Replaced the Cisco 3524 Switch with a smaller 2940 8 port switch
The 1841 ISR is also up and running
Now I just need to clean up the wires and its good to go

Thought I'd share this. It's 1 of 2 from work and it's a WS-C3750G-24TS-E1U. One is already in place and is connecting all the Gig links between our sites together. This one is a backup for it that we can switch out quickly to keep things running.

Sorry for the crap pick, gotta love my iPhone though.

ust a question
what for do you need all this heavy stuff such as cisco routers & switches ?

i suspect most of the people who have a small amount of cisco equipment at home have it purely for doing stuff like the ccna certification...i would love some cisco gear at home but i just dont have the space! i've recently bought a beefy workstation that i use to virtualise everything, incl the networking level stuff. works a treat, and makes remote access to the entire environment via logmein really easy!!!

edit: here's me at the moment, currently doing a proof of concept for a new sbs2003 network:

Just got my rack and cable management products in today :shock:.

The rack will have


APC AP7900

I have everything but the APC AP7900..

Now its time to mount all this equipment

Just got my rack and cable management products in today :shock:.

The rack will have


APC AP7900

I have everything but the APC AP7900..

Now its time to mount all this equipment


i guess we can talk in here now , sweet

anyways i sent you a PM about the rack
I just redid my network rack tonight. Here's a pic:

Ports 1-6 on the patch panel go to jacks around the basement, 7-12 go to the devices in the rack.
Yeah, the red cable runs upstairs to my router. I ran a cat5e cable outside my house from the basement to the family room, following the coax cable that was already there. I used that cable because it was the shortest one I had for that's just a regular patch cord.
Just moved into my house, temporary setup until I get cable ran and patched down etc.


/\ You got a good setup going there at the moment...
I'll post some updated pictures and diagram later on when I get more time...
Here's my humble home network...


You would think a whole lot could be simplified if I just purchased a gigabit 8 port wireless router... but that would just cost too much lol

crisu, nice pics!