Netgear XR700 downthrottling download speeds.


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Sep 28, 2007
I've had no problems for three years with my Netgear XR700 router and CM600 modem respectively. Windows 10 computer.


I have gone through all troubleshooting. I have ruled out the ISP and I have ruled out the modem. Modem ethernet straight to the computer I get full speeds. Modem to the router and hard-wired to the same computer (and then over wireless) my download speed drops by roughly 50 percent.

Upload and pings and everything stays at optimal numbers. It's specific enough that I find this strange.

Is this the beginning of the end for this router or am I missing something? I have no QOS activated or anything else. Thanks.
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Anything changed on the router? Any configuration changes, firmware updates, etc? If nothing has changed in software then something has changed in hardware and my first test would be the power supply. I saw this with an R7000 I got with the wrong power supply (wasn't enough amps and it wouldn't speedtest at full speed and would reboot).
make sure your nic is set to GB+ too