Need your advice on projector enclosure

Nov 14, 2018
Hi! My husband put a projector in our bedroom. As you may know, after marriage, we sometimes have to compromise with each other. There are lots of clothes, blankets etc. in the room. Last night I just had to open it up and try to clean the lenses with a soft wet cloth because it was covered with a thick layer of dust, it looked like a dead pixels.

So I was wondering if there is any idea someone has to reduce the dust buildup in the projector? I have also learned in google from some suppliers, like Kinytech, Vizbox, there is a projector enclosure can be dust-proof and also has ceiling mount. Your advice will be highly appreciated. Thank you.
Most nicer projectors should have a filter on the fan intake and a completely sealed light path to prevent this from happening. You will need to clean the outside of the lens but I always use the eyeglasses wipes from Walmart(use to clean screen/kb of Mac Pro as well).

Projectors generally run pretty hot, you can build a hush box but it will require fans and airflow to prevent unnecessary early failures of the projector itself. Not worth it IMHO. Most people build them purely to deaden the sound.