Need to Detect Activity from Peripheral Devices


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Oct 22, 2011
Hello. Need to troubleshoot something. Looking for a software to detect any activity from keyboard and mouse when PC is idle.
Anyone knows what software can do the job?
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seems there are several options...
auntjemima The kind of response that person gave me is the reason I prefer asking questions on ol' traditional forums than on social media. Not only because forums are less tolerant of clutter made by responses with no substance but because they are better organized and moderated. Sad seeing forums catching that social media disease and people treating them like another Facebook.
Pendragon1 can be a salty cookie, a cracker if you will. Sweet man, Canadian, likes animals, etc. And you can't beat those response times. He knows what's up and why. People were sending one another to google since google. I remember being a small child and getting the cool 'lmgtfy' animation and everything. This is hardly the dumbest place on the net. We're trying, though.

That said, two separate times in my life I was able to "find out" about a cause of my WiFi randomly dropping bluetooth phone->PC uploads by observing 'dmesg' on Linux - turned out one of my case ports (one computer) and one of my mice (another computer) were causing weirdness on the bus. Windows wasn't giving me that in event viewer, oddly enough.

But I'm guessing you'd like a more detailed and granular view... Wireshark actually facilitates such functionality (USB capture). I haven't used it personally, but I think it's a nudge in the right direction.

Edited in: a screenshot from dmesg (kernel output/log) that shows example USB devices weirdness (but sadly NOT internal workings)


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One can google and youtube all day long but…can you tell from them what people similar to yourself do? I don’t think so.