Need some advice for my secondary system.

The Cobra

Jun 19, 2003
So my secondary system is an Intel 5960x with 32GB of Ram (DDR4-3200m 4 sticks) that houses my RTX Titan. It has been a great system for me the last 7 years. The machine is used as my secondary renderer: Adobe Premier, and After Effects CS6. Basically, I am noticing lag and a bottleneck when rendering on weekends. As the renders get more complex, it is a def slowdown in the amount of time I have to render 1080p and 1440p. 4K is out of the question on this box. The difference in GPU between my 6900xt and RTX Titan is negligible, but the 5960x (While capable of playing games just fine) is showing it's age. I can transfer the ram but def need a new CPU and MB.

My question is this: I want to stick with an Intel platform because with the Titan, they just seem to perform better; just like my AMD combo does great together. I looked into the 10980x, a bot too pricy. Because the people i do the rendering work for upgraded to Adobe CC, they threw me a license because they render everything at 4K now as the 1080p legacy projects are going away. What would be a good Intel CPU? I have not kept up with Intel as much the last 6 years because I have had two Threadripper machines (the 1950x and the current 3970x) I would like something with some beef. 12 cores, 14. Something that could feed the Titan and cut my rendering down by half. And also something I could game on when my main machine is doing multiple renders at the same time. Budget is about $1200.