Need some advice about 1440p gaming with RTX2060


Dec 11, 2004
Hi there,

i currently run a 4670k @ 4,2GHZ and a GTX780 (non-Ti) together on a 1080p monitor. While this is fun, it is appearant to me that i am now at a point, where i have to go back in details in some games to get decent (around 60) FPS. I mostly play FPS or RPG games, but not competitive.

I am thinking about buying a RTX2060 together with a 1440p Panel; a CPU upgrade (together with board and RAM) is not in my budget currently.

Now my questions:

1. Is my CPU enough to not be a total donkeya$$ and ruin the show?

2. Is the GPU a good choice for 1440p gaming (i don't really care about raytracing and i do not have more €€ for a better card)

3. Is 144Hz advisable or does it not matter with my setup?

4. Which monitor would be a good choice at a reasonable price (i am in Europe, so not every monitor is available here and not some prices are different than in the states). I picked a TN panel due to price but i heard IPS would be better...but of course also more expensive.

Thanks in advance for your opinions.
I have a Gigabyte RTX 2060 OC and I don't recommend it for anything above 1080p. I think you may want the 2070 instead for above 1080p.

And yeah, your CPU is outdated and will bottleneck any RTX card.
I have a RTX2070 paired with a I5 4670K and love the combination. I use an Acer Z321QU 1440P 144hHz display. Battlefield 5 (DXR off), Battlefield 1, World of Tanks, World of Warships, F1 2018, are a few of the games I play and I avg just around 100 FPS at 1440P max settings. Only in some cpu intensive sims such as TrainSimWorld, do I get less. I noticed a substantial increase in performance coming from a GTX1060 6GB.
This confuses me a little. First post says that my processor will limit any RTX card, then the next post says that gaming with 4670K is fine with avg. of 100fps in most games. Given that the RTX2060 is only about 10% less FPS all over the board, it should also be fine, or am i thinking wrong here???
I would recommend a high refresh rate IPS or VA monitor. Once you go 120hz+, you can't go back, even if you can't maintain that high framerate all the time. Not sure about euro prices these days, but those 32" 1440p VA monitors from various brands used to be a nice sweet spot.

My setup is in the same performance ballpark as yours (an OC'd 980 TI is suprisingly close to a stock 2060), but the only games I've fired up recently are old or non-mainstream, so I can't offer much useful advice there.
Hi AlphaAtlas, thanks, i was looking at a 27" 144Hz monitor with 1440p resolution. Anything bigger will not fit the tight space that my desk is currently. I was looking at different panels, TN, VA and IPS and unfortunately, i have no stores around that have this kind of high end equipment to see for myself, so i mostly rely on reviews and tests and information from forums like [H]....
1440p144hz will require lowered settings but it is possible. 1440p144hz is a sweet compromise and I would definitely go for it. Once you go 120hz+ you cannot go back; 100% agreed.

Your CPU may be also be a bottleneck for some games at 144hz but even so it is worth it.

I used to game at 1440p144hz on a 1070 and it was fine as long as you are ok with lowering some settings.
Here's my recent anecdote with Tomb Raider, Dragon Quest IX and Fortnite.

Had an older i5 with my 980 and attempted 1440p for a lark. It went bad, not at all playable unless everything was pretty well low/medium. Stuck in the Asus Strix Vega 56 I had ordered and was able to achieve 1440p but not with any real FPS. Ran janky on medium/high.

Upgraded to my Ryzen 2600/B450 Tomahawk/16gigs 3200Mhz and it ran better with the 980, stuck in the Vega 56 and it was smooth as butter on all ultra.

You can't just railroad a new videocard that demands more power and processing into an old PC and think it'll be rockin out the ultra quality 4K. It will bottleneck, period. it's why reviewers use the highest end parts when reviewing a new video card and not your mom's old Athlon dual core CPU. New games and video cards demand the most they can get out of a computer nowadays.
With a GTX 1070 in my system last summer, I got the following fps in F1 2017 Ultra settings at 1440p.

GTX 1070

Low 56 fps
Max 84 fps
AVG 72 fps

RTX 2070

Low 85 fps
Max 126 fps
AVG 103 fps

You can see, that I gained around 30 fps in this game. In TrainSimWorld. max settings, the gains were minimal at best, unless I cranked up the scaling. Then the RTX2070 showed its power. In that game, my CPU is holding me back. So it depends. But I get great frame rates in BattleField V. And in World Of Tanks, I have never seen it go below 90 fps. Most of the time it's around 120 fps. In these games I have never once felt like I have to lower the settings.

With GSYNC, I wasn't trying to hit 144 in games that I play. Everything is smooth and playable with Ultra settings.
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Excellent info VoodooNinja, exactly what i was looking for. Basically that means in CPU intensive games like Total War and other RTS games, i might be severely limiting my frames with this old CPU whereas in FPS games and racing games (not so CPU dependent), i might be fine.

Due to my initial thoughts of mostly playing FPS games and RPGs, I might actually squeeze by with my 4670K @ 4,2GHZ until i can afford to upgrade to a 9700K later on.
You are currently running a GTX780, correct? I guarantee you we see a huge boost in performance going to a RTX2060. When I went from a GTX760 to a GTX1060, I was blown away on how I could up the settings quite a bit in most games. Even in TSW (trainsimworld), I was finally able to crank up the settings. After trying out a friend's GTX1070 after I got a 1440P display, I knew the RTX2070 was a good fit and the last GPU I will get for this current system. The next GPU upgrade I get will include a new generation of cpu, mobo, etc. I think you will be very happy upgrading to a RTX 2060 with the I5 running at 4.2GHZ.

Now that Nvidia has allowed adaptive sync with non GSync displays, it opens up more possibilties that are more budget friendly. At the time I got my 1440P Acer, I had to pay $650.

So to answer your first question, no, your 4670K won't be total DonkeyA$$ at 4.2Ghz.
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Why not lower resolution to check what bottleneck your CPU really is in gamers you play?
At 1280x720 you have just 44% pixels to draw compared to 1920x1080 so it should give you good idea what is bottle-necking you now. You can even go to 800x600 or 640x480... then GPU won't limit your CPU for sure :)

Your i5 is fine for RTX 2060 and 1440p monitor. Games should run faster on GTX 780 at 1080p

There would be improvement from better CPU but it is not something to loose sleep over. Same for not being able to hit >100fps.
Also get high refresh rate monitor.
Found a buyer for my old board, CPU, RAM and Videocard and i ordered a RTX2060 with 9700k, Gigabyte Z390 board, 2x8GB Patriot Viper 3200 RAMs. I will couple this with a Dell 1440p 144Hz Monitor.