need Mobo recommendation


Apr 11, 2005
So i bought a new PC and I am using the Noctua D15 heatsink. I ordered an Asus Prime z690a mobo to find due to the VRM heatsink causes issues and it will not fit. I got that cancelled but need a mobo for my build. I am using Kingston Fury DDR5 5200 ram and the intel 12900kf. I need something that works well and the Noctua will fit and support of DDR5. Thanks.

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Just checked on Noctua's compatibility checker. The Prime Z690A is compatible with the D15, but you probably need the mounting adapter for it (NM-i17xx-MP83):
They're for some reason unable to process the requests until after July 4, but if you're in a hurry then Amazon should have them.

That is if you haven't already tried it with the updated mounting adapter. If so, here's their compatibility checker to find something else that fits, and be sure to report the discrepancy to Noctua so they can update their checker.

Good luck.

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Thanks. Looks like I am going msi tomahawk. The issue with the prime is the VRM heatsink which is noted in their chart
Definitely do point that out to Noctua. Crazy how a seemingly minor or even barely noticeable revision can completely mess up compatibility for some components.
You can't go wrong with MSI Tomahawk. As long as Noctua's list is correct this time around! Based on photos of the boards, it does look like there's a bit more clearance from the top heat sinks.