Need laptop for wife

Smashed Ixnay

Supreme [H]ardness
Feb 13, 2006
So last year I bought my wife an iPad Pro with magic keyboard, mouse, and pencil. I thought it could be used like a tablet, but it just didn’t work out. She needs a laptop. She current had an Acer S7-391-9424. It’s freezing up, battery shot and showing its age on the hardware side.

This will mainly be used to surf the web, minimal Microsoft Office use, and some occasional work (telemedicine).

The must:

  • 15” acreen
  • Number pad
  • 512gb ssd
  • Thin

Trying to keep it around $1,200. She mentioned a MacBook, but those are crazy expensive and don’t have her number pad. I mentioned to her to get a Dell XPS if she didn’t want a number pad, since I’ve read good things about those.

She’s not set on this one, but it’s one of the few she’s seen in person and liked it. This is one I showed her and she said it’s fine.

Is there anything else out there that y’all could recommend for around $1,200? Are we dumb to spend that much if she doesn’t need anything special and look for a cheaper one?