Need input on comparable systems

Apr 14, 2006
I currently have a system with these specs : i3-6300 / 16gig ram/ 128gig ssd : its my grand parents PC they use it for :web browsing/ youtube/ spotify/ wordpad/ cricut design app: It recently just stopped working but they were perfectly fine with the power/speed/usability of said system. My question is, is there a small all in one type of mini pc that would beable to perform these tasks? Any help an/or ideas would be great.
I just really dont understand what is comparable power wise when it comes to the differenct CPUs. an video capabilities. If that makes sense. The one you linked would that be compareable to what they had? Or could you reccomend some in the $350-$400 range that is relatively small.
it will be a bit better, its probably the cheapest replacement. with that much you could upgrade to get a new gen like a 12th gen intel or a ryzen based unit that will be way faster and have a decent integrated gpu. either will let the move up to 4k if they want or mild games, if you GPs are into that
like these: <- i think the url is recycled, as the unit is a 12th gen i5-1235U