Need help with LG BH12 Optical Drives


Limp Gawd
Oct 1, 2011
What's is the difference between the LG BH12LS35 and BH12LS38? I just want to make sure but I think the latter has SATA and the first doesn't, am I right?

I took advantage of their sale (BH12 with SATA for $69.99) which is advertised to come with SATA. Both the website and the receipt says SATA on them, but the one they gave me is a BH12SL35.

What is the difference between the 2? Should I take it back and get them to give me the one with SATA?
A bit late, but the BH12LS35 is a SATA drive. I have one. I'm interested in knowing the difference between it and the LS38 myself. My searching hasn't turned up much.