Need Help Finding a Mobile Game


Oct 14, 2021
I need help finding a mobile game that I used to play probably about over a year ago. I cannot remember the name but I remember a lot about it so I'm hoping that someone may recognize it.
It's a game for Android that I downloaded from the Google Play app.
The style of it is a 3D game
The concept of it is that you play as a male character who is dead in real life, but his consciousness is in a game.
The atmosphere of the game is kind of a mix of robotic/wasteland/dystopian city, and you collect scrap metal and other metal parts to upgrade your characters.
There are bosses throughout the game, and when you defeat them they are added to your team.
You move through different stages and waves, and the enemies you encounter are both human and robot/machine.
If you're still using the same Google account you can find the game. Open the Play Store then click on your account. Go to manage apps and device and under manage you'll see all your installed apps. If you change the pulldown from installed to not installed you should find apps on your account that aren't on the device.