Need help diagnosing monitor's failing component


Jan 19, 2021
Hi everyone! I hope I'm posting this to the right section.

Screenshots first :

I have an old Samsung SyncMaster P2350 (from 2010) as an external monitor hooked up to my laptop.

For the last few months, when connected through a digital connection (HDMI reduction to DVI cable), it is showing artifacts - rows of red or cyan pixels, that change their configuration depending on what's on screen. They are not influenced by the monitor OSD's color settings, only by the signal sent in from the laptop. Changing the color profile of the monitor (or turning on/off Windows 10's Night Mode) does not remedy the issue completely, it just shifts the red/cyan appearance to different color ranges.

When connected with VGA (HDMI to VGA cable), the image has a faint "shadow" of the image's red component, resulting in slightly blurry/foggy image.

Since the common sign is always connected to the red component (cyan being the lack of red), I'm guessing the monitor hardware itself is getting old. My next step is to try to disassemble the monitor and take a look inside... If you had any tips as to what might have gone wrong, or what to look for, they'd be appreciated.

Til then, thanks for reading!
Are you sure it's not the the source device that is the issue?
Hard to find parts for a screen that old, probably cheaper to a buy a new/ used small monitor.