Need For Speed Rivals, remove pedestrian cars?


Supreme [H]ardness
Mar 10, 2004
Anyone know how to edit this game to do this? Everything about it makes it one of my Favorite NFS games except for the pedestrian vehicles. I want to shut them off. It would also be cool to increase the power of the shock wave. But the other is the priority. Even a trainer that could do this would be fine, though most I've seen don't have that in there.

It's a blast ripping this game up with the Pagani and fishtailing around corners at blazing speeds, but the damn ped cars get in the way.

Yeah I know there is NFS Shift, but that's a diff game altogether, I'm asking about this game.

Thanks in advance for any input.
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Zero Cool
Sep 2, 2004
Don't think so. Like with all EA's titles lately, it's an orgy of online-only stuff so I doubt that you can make any changes to the gameplay outside of what's allowed in the game itself.

Google searching yields no results, either.