Need broadcast PC recommendation.

The Cobra

Jun 19, 2003
(I am sorry if this is the wrong forum to put this in, so sorry in advance)

So I recently took over IT and AV duties at the church my school is associated with but are separate entities until now. Yay me...

The church is in desperate need of a good machine for broadcasting. They broadcast services on Sunday's 9-10 and 1015-1115 usually. It's a simple broadcast via YT and FB. Physically the church has a soundboard that will be run by one of our teachers husband for the next month until we are able to fill that position. This is where I come in with the broadcasting stuff. The AV guy was let go a few weeks back as well. They asked me to take over and learn the system. But there are massive issues with the broadcast and with AV inside the church. The church has 2 HD projectors which are wired via Ethernet/HDMI into the back of this PC that runs a program called VMIX. I have heard about it and started to use it over the last week at the church via private broadcasts on YT during my time spent at the church. When I broadcast I get "USB Bus issues" according to VMIX. There are three camcorders (1-4K and 2-1080p) that are on 24/7 and connected via HDMI that convert into USB 3.0 and plugged into this old machine. It it an HP machine that has an Intel core i5 6500, 8GB of RAM and an Nvidia 960 GPU with 2GB of ram. Every single USB slot is used and every system resource is running 100% when VMIX is running during the streams.

I did some googling and contacted VMIX for some suggestions and they just refer you to the help instructions. [H]ers, I need your help. I have $7500 to fix the AV issues. Most of them are tied in with this PC and these bus errors. I need a machine with a good graphics card that can run this vmix program without the errors. I am looking at a prebuilt bones system with a AMD 5900x with a looped cooler, a TUF mainboard, a 750w PSU, a 1TB SSD, a 4TB HDD in a nice case all prewired. I have to purchase a GPU. I am looking at the Quadro RTX 4000. According to my research, it has the built-in decoders we need to do a proper broadcast on multiple channels. Plus it comes with three display ports and a USB-c that I can convert from HDMI for better performance for the projectors. The cams are the issue. When you run live, the bus error appear. I researched that we need a dedicated broadcast card with at least 4 HDMI inputs. I settled on an Elgato Cam Link Pro that will allow the USB plugs to not have to be used anymore except for a Wi-Fi cam...this will free up 5 usb slots in the process. Also keep in mind that if the old system is ever rebooted, that is when bus problem occur.

All that said, I am an AMD GPU lover. But I also love Nvidia. I was hoping to use one of the AMD pro cards, but VMIX said their software is optimized for NVidia. Game cards are very expensive right now and for the dual recording and decoding we need the Quadro plus the and the DP inputs make plugging in stuff easier.

Anything else you folks can suggest? Thank you