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Oct 28, 2008
So I'm playing Titanfall 2 and jumping around with the space bar when my wife starts yelling about how noisy my keyboard is (we're both ostensibly watching TV in the same room, but I'm not really paying attention).

They KB in question is a Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000. I also have (and like) a logitech G710, but that is even noisier. Anyone have any suggestions for a quiet (or at least, quieter ) KB?
I'll have to look into that. the logitech I have has blue switches, and they're really loud.
Is it the switch making the noise or is it the sound of the key cap slamming into the key switch housing? If the latter, try some o-rings.
The 710 comes with o-rings. The issue is that Blues are the loudest mainstream switches, and it's not the bottoming out, they're designed to audibly click when they engage. You'd have better luck with the 710 with browns, but even then you'll have a loud board. Mechanicals are just inherantly louder than membrane, unless you can type without bottoming out, which I personally find to be impossible.

PTRMAN, look into chicklet keyboards. I had the logitech K750 for a while, it was pretty quiet and did the job reasonably well.
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My Corsair STRAFE is pretty damn quiet, even for a mechanical keyboard. Recommended if you want a mechanical.
I just got a Corsair strafe RGB with MX Silent switches. It's as quiet as a mechanical keyboard gets.
Does Apple still make keyboards that can work for a pc?
I had one, very quiet, and I loved the way it looked.
I've got a code 105 key with mx clears with some cheap chinese o-ring set I got off ebay. Its pretty quiet, if I slam the keys down you can hear them but you really only hear a light click from them unless I'm going full rage.

For quieter operation I'd use thicker o-rings to avoid bottom out when smashing keys.
to be honest I would just go to a thrift store and buy a beater keyboard for $2~$3 for this occasion. I've gotten so many of these for $2 that are fun throw away and they come with a little usb hub perfect for a mouse and a great volume kno.

I'm typing to you guys on one that's one of the side pc and it's actually not that bad for gaming. Then again my gaming keyboard is a das keyboard 4 and that really isn't great for gaming either.