Need a new to me X299 mobo--which one?


Limp Gawd
Aug 28, 2021
I need a new to me X299 mobo for my media server. While I posted a WTB here and am hoping for the best, I am also looking through fleabay.

I need it to be full ATX because I need to get my GPU down out of the way of all my drive cages. I use a 9800x coupled with a 1080ti for my decoding, so Gen3 is as good as it gets anyway.

Over on fleabay, there is an Asus X299 Deluxe II for like $170. From whatI can tell, that is a nice X299 board. However, it doesn't come with the wifi antenna (don't need) or the m.2 heatsinks.

Then there is an Asus X299-A II for $180, but it has all the bits

Or ASRock X299 Taichi for $196.

Any advice??
So I am an idiot...

I have an old x99 board in the basement. I'm just going to get an e5 2696 for like $50. Problem solved.