need a good ABIT board


Jun 8, 2004
whats the best abit board i can get if i want to OC a 2.4.. also im not familar with abit boards does the vcore droop a lot with load?
the ic7 max3 is the best imo, i'll probably be selling mine in a couple of days, since i want an a64 system, if you interested pm me
The best Abit board out there for the Intel platform is the IC7-Max3. I dont have the Max3, but I have the Max2, and the voltage doesnt droop much at all. I do have a nice power supply though.
The MAX3 is pretty good, if you like a mobo that has everything but the kitchen sink. :D

OC is great on this board. Check the Abit website for detailed specs on their boards. The MAX3 is expensive, though.
ic7-max3, i have an ic7-g and it overclock great for me, but it would be nice to have the higher vdimm choices above 2.8v that the max3 provides.
For Features I would say the IC7-G MaxII
For Extreme OCing I would say the AI7

The Max3 does not work as advertised. They have already modded the mobo once to fix the Vdimm issue. They say the Vtt issue is a "quirk" and is ok yet on the AI7 there is no quirk for the Vtt. You can mod the Max3 but that voids your warranty.
which 2.4 is that is it a 2.4A , 2.4B , 2.4C or a celeron?? I believe the AI7 has a version of
PAT my Epox springdale has a version of it called AMM ( Agressive memory mode) it will hang right in there with any Canterwood. Still need to know which 2.4 you have tho'